The Shapely Sock

“The Shapely Sock was designed for people like you and me in mind. If you love wearing tall boots but your calves are too skinny and bow below the knee, then the Shapely Sock is for you. When you wear a pair of Shapely Socks under your boots, your legs look instantly better, straighter, and more shapely.” 

Gráinne Boylan, designer of the Shapely Sock.

Finding a Solution to skinny calves

After 5 years of research and prototype development and testing, we are delighted to present the Shapely Sock to you. It is the simple, easy to use, non-invasive way to better shaped legs in knee length boots.



We Care

Not only do we care about how you feel about yourself in boots, but we also care about the environment. In designing the Shapely Sock™, we thought a lot about what materials we used. Our sock is made of over 70% bamboo viscose/combed cotton mix which is softer, stronger, and more absorbent than cotton alone. Bamboo is also antimicrobial as well as being more environmentally friendly than plain cotton. Our beautiful storage box is 100% recyclable with water soluble varnish.

We promise to continue looking at ways of bringing our Shapely Sock™ to you while protecting our precious planet at the same time.



We don’t do ‘fast fashion’!

We are a proud Irish company who benefit from the expertise of international partners.

The Shapely Sock™ is made in Ontario, Canada, on a custom-made machine, where the process to produce each sock takes about 5 and a half minutes. The foam Shapely Shaper is exclusively made for us in England, while our recyclable packaging is proudly sourced in Dublin and Kerry.