Hey there chicken legs!


I have chicken legs AKA skinny calves. I am very aware of it even if nobody else is. People have often told me I have good legs and I should be glad that I have skinny calves because they say their calves are too big. But it’s actually the same problem really. This issue prevents us all wearing clothes we would like to wear. Simple. 

It all kicked off when I spent a bit more than I should have on a beautiful pair of tall boots from Carl Scarpa. I loved those boots and I was determined not to let my insecurity get to me. But every time I caught a glimpse of myself in them, they just looked all wrong. Bow legged, skinny, not in proportion, just wrong. I had a chat with my sister who has the same issue and also wanted to find a solution. So I began looking for ways to improve the look of my legs in tall boots. You’ve probably done the same!

I tried exercise first. There’s plenty of information out there for toning your calves. But tone was never really the issue. Girth or width was. Running, Jumping Jacks and Calf Raises all help. But they have their limitations. After all those exercises, my skinny calves were just stronger in tall boots! 

Skinny calves has always been my problem.

I also tried to wear a few pairs of long socks at once. It had the desired effect of padding out the entire lower leg, making it difficult to fit into the boot but also bulking the outside of my leg and making my bowed legs look worse. Not ideal! Back to the drawing board I went!

One of my favourite shows at the time was America’s Next Top Model. Who better than the most stunning Tyra Banks to show us all how to look and feel better in what we wear. In one particular episode, Tyra showed the models how to adjust clothes for shoots and how she wore leg warmers to bulk out her own calves in boots. Apparently, she has always disliked her own lower leg and calf region but worked her way around it to still stun in every shoot. I mean, who ever takes their eyes off that face! But anyway, I tried and failed using leg warmers. I also tried and failed to look like Tyra Banks!

I have heard of more drastic measures like implants, but that was never going to happen either. So I got to thinking. How do you make calf muscles that are a bit on the thin side look more bulky without bulking the entire leg? And that is how the Shapely Sock was born! 

But before you decide what the right course of action is for you, try all of the above. Do the exercise, wear the layers of socks and leg warmers, and if they work for you, great!

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