The Shapely Sock is here!

The Shapely Sock does for your calves what the Wonderbra® does for your boobs!


Feel confident in your favourite boots

The Shapely Sock™ is a knee length sock with an internal pouch that enhances the shape of the calf. By wearing the sock you will feel more comfortable wearing boots. By wearing the Shapely Sock your legs will look and feel better in knee length boots. Wear your boots with confidence!

These boots were made for working

Wear them ...

The Shapely Sock is comfortable and easy to wear and fits neatly into your boots.

And feel good

It allows you to feel comfortable and confident in your boots at work and throughout the day.


What are Shapely Socks?

The Shapely Sock® is a made with 51% bamboo viscose and 21% combed cotton, hence the luxurious and comfortable feel. The sock has an internal pouch over the calf area where you place a foam Shapely Shaper. They come in a stylish giftable storage box to protect your Shapely Shapers. 

What People say about the Shapely Sock



“I was never happy with the shape of my legs in boots. However, after I tried them with my favourite pair of knee-high boots I was very impressed with the shape and definition they gave my legs.”



“They are very comfortable and the foot and leg fit perfectly. I was worried they might shift around under my boots but they stayed in place all day and made the boot fit really well at the top of my calf. I love them.”



The Shapely Socks felt comfortable to wear and the fit was great. They stayed in place with no slipping down. I was delighted with how my legs looked in boots. They gave a much nicer shape to my calves.”

Is the Shapely Sock for you?

Do you avoid wearing knee length boots because your calves are too skinny?

Do you have very skinny calves with poor muscle definition?

Do your legs looked 'bowed' below the knee?

Do your calf muscles need a boost?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above then the Shapely Sock™ is the solution for you! The Shapely Sock™ is a simple, easy to use, non-invasive way to make your legs instantly more ‘shapely’!